Photography Patricia Cardet


“Green inferno” or paradise? For sure a paradise in terms of biodiversity. So much that you forget mosquitoes, humidity, heat…

To walk through the French Guiana forests is to discover with every step a new living being, a new colour, a new scent, a new shape. To progress slowly, to stop, to direct a macro lense towards a flower, an insect, a frog skin, is to discover fascinating, unknown worlds.


All these wonders of beauty are for scientists also study and analysis objects. Giving a name to living organisms is to be able to classify, to group them, to facilitate exchanges between scientists and also to communicate to the general public what they discovered and described. Numerous are besides, among the non-scientists, the nature lovers, the strollers and … the poets, those who like to put a name onto what they see.

In this photo album about French Guiana, I chose to designate the plants and animals I photographed by their scientific name. Many scientists among my friends helped me with the identification. Nevertheless certain photographed plants and animals have still no name. Please help me to identify them by giving them names in the "Contact" page. Thanks a lot in advance.