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Have a look at my other websites. You will find in them a few photos that are on this website, but they are ordered in a more specific context. For instance, the site Guyane is dedicated especially – but not exclusively – to the flora and fauna of French Guiana, from a more scientific point of view. I hope you will enjoy looking at them.

Voyages ... Visages

To travel for seeing, meeting, feeling, understanding, loving…

… To photograph faces to keep an expression, a look, a feeling, an emotion, an intelligence…

… To travel and photograph to feel the vibration of life!

This website will bring to you the beautiful, sensitive, intelligent faces and gazes that I encountered during my journeys in New Caledonia, French Guiana, Jordan, Israel, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Turkey, Romania, India, the Sinai...

Voyages ... Visages


French Guiana: “Green inferno” or paradise? For sure a paradise in terms of biodiversity. So much that you forget mosquitoes, humidity, heat… To walk through the Guiana forest is to discover with every step a new living being, a new colour, a new scent, a new shape. To progress slowly, to stop, to direct a macro lense towards a flower, an insect, a frog skin, is to discover fascinating, unknown worlds.

La Guyane française


Islands of suffering and beauty.