© Patricia Cardet

The art of the flower

The flower, the plant in general, is an artist, a virtuoso in abstract, non-representational, three-dimensional art. It continuously creates new forms, new colours. The scientist will say all these "creations" have a function – to protect the plant against predators, to attract insects.... Let us believe that it is for the pleasure of our eyes, of our mind, of our heart ... of the photographer.

The art of the faith

Throughout the ages, in every corner of the world, in the tiniest hamlet, in the hugest megacity, we find expressions of faith, of religion. Is this a genetically determined characteristic of the human being? Maybe historians, ethnologists, geneticists will find once the answer to this question. As a photographer, I just enjoy capturing the multiplicity of the religious expression: naive, artful, didactic, humble, ostentatious...

Doors, windows, walls

Doors, windows open to a world outside, open to a world inside. They give privacy, they show your privacy. Through them you welcome your friends, through them you part from them. They always have a story to tell. Like the walls.

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